Transport for London - Proofs of Evidence/Rebuttals Evidence and Other TfL Documents Submitted at Inquiry

Christopher Porter – Transport Planning Manager, TfL Planning (Scheme Development and Justification)
TfL 1/A  Proof of Evidence
TfL 1/B  Appendices to Proof of Evidence

John Rhodes OBE – Director, QUOD (Planning)
TfL 2/A  Proof of Evidence
TfL 2/B  Appendices to Proof of Evidence

Chris Abrehart – Chief Engineer, Atkins (Engineering)
TfL 3/A  Proof of Evidence
TfL 3/B  Appendices to Proof of Evidence

Paul White – Technical Director, Atkins (Environment)
TfL 4/A  Proof of Evidence
TfL 4/B  Appendices to Proof of Evidence

Richard Bland  – Technical Director, Mott Macdonald (Transport)
TfL 5/A  Proof of Evidence
TfL 5/B  Appendices to Proof of Evidence

Ian Cunliffe – Director, Ardent Management Limited (Land and Property)
TfL 6/A  Proof of Evidence
TfL 6/B  Appendices to Proof of Evidence

Documents Submitted During Inquiry

TfL 7  Rebuttal to Mr Ridley's Proof of Evidence
TfL 8  Rebuttal to DB Cargo Proof of Evidence
TfL 9A  Revised Draft Order with Tracked Changes
TfL 9B  Revised Draft Order - Clean Version
TfL 10  TfL’s responses in the Proofs of Evidence to the Statement of Matters
TfL 11  Note on TfL’s compliance with TWA formalities
TfL 12  Note on updated position on Objections, Representations and Supporters
TfL 13A  Revised Draft Planning Conditions​ with Tracked Changes
TfL 13B  Revised Draft Planning Conditions - Clean Version
TfL 14  Position statement on s106 negotiations with London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and Barking Riverside Limited
TfL 15  Rebuttal to Mr Ridley's rebuttal

Pack of information related to the Mayor's announcement:
TfL 16A  Covering note
TfL 16B  the Mayors Press Release 4 October 2016
TfL 16C  The Silvertown Tunnel Update Report
TfL 16D  Letter from David Rowe, Head of Silvertown Sponsorship Team
TfL 16E  River Crossings review

TfL 17  Letter from Mayor of London Sadiq Khan
TfL 18  Barking Riverside CGI and covering note
TfL 19  Opening Statement 17 October 2016
TfL 20  Letter from Environmental Agency dated 18 October 2016
TfL 21  DLR Extension between Gallion and Thamesmead
TfL 22  Note on securing mitigation measures
TfL 23  Note on dates of Barking Station improvements
TfL 24  Note on protective and mitigation works under the Order
TfL 25  Note on the draft Order
TfL 26  Note to update Environmental Statement and Transport Assessment figure
TfL 27  Note on TfL Financial Savings
TfL 28  Anglia Route Study
TfL 29  Note on status of planning direction drawings
TfL 30A  Tracked version of revised Code of Construction Practice October 2016
TfL 30B  Clean version of revised Code of Construction Practice October 2016
TfL 31A  Tracked version of revised Planning Conditions
TfL 31B  Clean version of revised Planning Conditions
TfL 32A  Tracked version of revised Order
TfL 32B  Clean version of Revised Order
TfL 33  Note on possible options for provision of c2c platforms at the potentil future Renwick Road station site
TfL 34  Letter from Secretary of State confirming acquisition of Crown Land
TfL 35  Letter from London Borough of Barking and Dagenham confirming acceptance of revised Planning Conditions
TfL 36  Closing of Andrew Tait QC
TfL 37  Update on Objections, Letters of Support and Representations

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